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This was a project made by Max Cronce in under three days for a game jam using the theme of Endless War.

It was made with and runs in processing.py

You control the white cube by hitting the arrow keys to move from grid-to-grid.
If you try to move past the limits of the grid, your cube will wrap around to the opposite side of the screen.

After a moment, colorful orbs will fly in from the North, South, East, and West.
If an orb hits you dead on, you'll lose a life (represented by the hearts at the bottom of the screen). 
If an orb just grazes you, you'll be fine. You only lose a life if it directly hits.
If you run out of lives, your score (at the top of the screen) will stop increasing and you'll explode forever.

You can also click 'r' to restart everything at any moment.



DodgeBomb.zip 1 MB

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